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CHD EWay Towers Sector 109 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon

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Contemporary design

CHD EWay Towers has been designed to become the landmark of the region. This Architectural wonder will be built using new age building materials for the perfect interplay of Nature & Technology. Designed by R204, one of the leading Los Angeles (USA) based Architectural firm, this iconic tower truly reflects 21st Century Architecture.

Passive architecture

Every aspect of sustainable design has been achieved by integrating light, air and space. The orientation of the building is such that most shops in the high street retail areas will stay shaded for most hours of the day. This will naturally bring down the temperature of the plaza and offer a comfortable shopping ambiance, even in the most extreme of climatic condition.

Aesthetic beauty

CHD EWay Tower’s unique and aesthetically pleasing outer perforated screen gives it a dramatic urban presence and helps it stand apart from other commercial buildings in the vicinity. Complementing the external aesthetics is a triple height office lobby, to ensure a great sense of arrival.

Double-skin wall system

A large perforated screen on the outer facade of CHD EWay Towers gives diffused milky light to the office spaces, and also helps block UV rays, resulting in reduced heat gain. This ensures efficient cooling with reduced electricity consumption and low operational cost..

One-stop solution

CHD EWay Towers has been envisaged as a one-stop solution for all your commercial space needs. Therefore, here you’ll find office space, retail, restaurants and more, all in a single interconnected layout for a truly urban experience.

Smart zoning spaces

Smart planning and space management ensure an intelligent traffic movement at CHD EWay Towers. As a result, smart zoning and segregation of vehicular & pedestrian traffic makes the drive in and drive out a hassle-free experience. And dedicated pick-up and drop-out areas, services balconies, separate lift lobbies and entrance for office and retail spaces make the experience at CHD EWay Towers even more exclusive.

Modular office space

At CHD EWay Towers, small is large and large is small. Join modular office units for a larger office space or to your liking. Also, each modular office space will have a dedicated balcony for placing services equipment, smartly hidden behind a perforated screen. In short, enjoy greater flexibility, efficient management.

Smart retail experience

A stone-paved shopping plaza with a mix of street and courtyard facing shops that will smartly coexist with integrated landscape elements like lighting, trees, street furniture, kiosks, water bodies, etc. for an ultra-urban shopping experience. There will be shops on first and second floors with exclusive double-height shops on the ground floor.

Business center & concierge service

A state-of-the-art business center will provide convenience 24x7 to tenants at CHD EWay Towers. Be it meetings, conferences or events, here you’ll experience the highest levels of business efficiency at affordable costs. In addition, a well-organized concierge service will help run smooth business operations.

Hassle-free parking

A sufficient parking space is an important necessity today. Keeping this in mind, CHD EWay Towers will have dedicated parking for office and retail. The 4-level parking will have provision for future expansion and also enjoy separate entry and drop off areas for office and retail.

Intelligence built-in

Next-generation features like RFID Tag-based parking through access card, app-based remote monitoring, advanced 3-tier security backed by CCTV cameras, high-speed internet, smart metering system, 100% power backup, etc. will be the hallmark of CHD EWay Towers. The place has been designed with such sophistication that it will redefine the term ‘intelligent business spaces’.

Think Green

A number of green building design initiatives make CHD EWay Towers the perfect example of how nature and technology can meet midway and do wonders together. Here you’ll find both effortlessly complimenting each other at every nook and corner.

Insulated roof tops and efficient external glazing reduce the heat gain inside the building resulting in low HVAC loads. Renewable energy sources like photo volatile cells power landscape and common area lighting.

Smart water conservation through sewage treatment plant, rain water harvesting, use of recycled water in flushing and landscape irrigation system, along with double flushing system in common toilets.

Accessible design for differently abled

CHD EWay Towers has been designed as an all-inclusive workspace. Special attention has been given to the needs of differently abled. The place is fitted with wheelchair ramps, Braille enabled elevators and railings all over. There are toilets and even dedicated parking areas for people with special needs.

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