The expertise of the people behind the products and services has always been the greatest assets of CHD Developers. This is the reason we established a heritage of enhancing the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Given the shift in our business portfolio over the last few years, however, a culture of learning for our employees has never been more important than it is today. Throughout our business, employees of CHD developers must combine deep industry insights with the advanced professional knowledge to help transform the realty sector.

At CHD Developers, as a long-term strategy for learning and growing the capabilities of our employees, we study emerging business trends, identify old skill sets and upgrade them with the trending skills. In addition to examining the general work-related competencies common to all employees, we determine those competencies required by our sales and technical teams. (A competency is defined as any demonstrated characteristic or behavior that differentiates an outstanding performance from a typical performance: it can vary depending on a person’s given job, role or organization). The way of identifying these competencies enables our employees to gain the expertise they need in emerging areas and to reposition themselves in the growing marketplace. It also helps CHD Developers to become lucrative in redeploying employees, shifting them from work of less value to work that is aligned with the company’s strategy and our client’s goals.