CHD Developers Limited is a prominent player in the mid-income residential space in and around the Delhi-NCR belt. The Company was incorporated 28 years back in 1990 and since then has been scaling new heights each passing day. Timely delivery and quality of construction has been the hallmark of the Company since inception. The company has a unique business model wherein it operates as a ‘Realty Manufacturer’ without owning any land bank; treating land as a raw material by acquiring it through JDA on an area share basis. The company endeavors to maintain high level of transparency by providing the Bluebook. Blue Book is a buyer’s guide, that include details including JV agreement, copy of all clearances and licenses, copy of building plan, area for each saleable unit and much more.

The Company is focusing on high growth areas - Gurgaon and Karnal regions. As of March 31, 2018, the Company’s net worth is INR 1,481 million and 12,685 shareholders.

Our strong recurring cash flow is indicative of long-term earnings growth and the capacity to fund new large-scale investments. CHD has consistently outperformed financial benchmarks to position itself on the threshold of a formidable future.