Indian economy has witnessed significant growth in the last two decades. While liberalization has brought reforms in many ways, considerable amount of work needs to be done to address the challenges faced at the bottom of the pyramid. While India may be the fastest growing economy of the world today, we still remain a country plagued with key basic challenges like women empowerment, protection & education of girl child, healthcare, environment and wildlife conservation, to name a few.

CHD endeavors not only to excel as a company but also to bring a positive social change. We strongly believe true progress is impossible unless inclusive in nature. The guiding principles of CHD’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs are implemented through 2 pronged strategy – Education and Participation. On one end we strive to educate more and more people and sensitize them on these social issues while on the other end we actively participate, and make our contribution to bring that change in the country’s social landscape.

All social initiatives at CHD come under the banner of Komal Ankur and CHD Sankalp.

Under Komal Ankur, we spread awareness about environment conservation which is one of the most alarming issues ailing urban India. The initiatives around environment conservation include the inclusion of green and recyclable technologies for minimal impact and active tree plantation to drives restoration.

CHD Sankalp, on the other hand, is committed to our contribution towards whole initiatives like health care and social development of the underprivileged by running crèche and by donating for free health camps.

Tree Plantation