CHD City, NH1, Sector 45,
Karnal, Haryana – 132001

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Royal Look

Luxury is Royal. Its magnificence and splendor demand preference from the blue-blooded of temperament. The flamboyance of the regal in nature finds its character in the classy luxury at Silver County.

It is at Silver County that an imposing saga of luxury will unfold on you, powerful yet subtle, strong yet delicate, in its lasting aura. A saga that is lasting in essence with a quintessence which is stately. A saga to pander to your need to turn your home into your kingdom.

With a luxury that will make you feel like a king.

Brilliantly positioned in an exclusive area in Karnal at CHD City – Silver County offers excellent facilities and amazing conveniences. Elegantly designed dwellings and an unrivalled range of business and leisure facilities nearby, make Silver County an ideal home for buyder who is in love with luxury.

Its sumptuousness remains with and definitely spoils you for better things in life.

Nature-A Majestic Realm

An extravagant abundance of green at silver County lends the place an imperial glory that is almost transcendental in its majestic. It appears that nature competes with material luxury to provide an atmosphere of lavish calm. An awe at nature’s regal beauty suffuses the ambience. The luxury offered by nature complements the material luxury presented by Silver County.

A Courtly Space

Each house is a modern metaphor to luxury and echoes at each step the impressive synchronization you desire in a home.

It is here that you will discover not only material luxury but the true luxury to rest with your inner melody which is in agreement with your surroundings.


There’s nothing like living close to the prime locations and yet be away from the stress of every living. Karnal and its surroundings define the future of urban life, a finely turned balance of commerce and lifestyle. Here you will connect with others who are shaping the global world just as you are. Together, you will enjoy the finest dining, shopping, arts and entertainment. There’s always something new to see, something to surprise, amuse or inspire you. As soon as you step out of your front door, you enter vibrant new metropolis where the rhythms of downtown life move and energize you.