On NH-2, Near Chhatikara Chowk,
Vrindavan (Mathura)

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A Stroke of Affluence

If your heart-strings are tugging, it’s time you came home. No, not to a teeming overcrowded, polluted metropolis, where all facilities come at a premium or are sadly non-exixtent.

But to the soothing, stirring call of the Lord’s own flute. A place not too far from where the Lord spent his joyous, mischief-filled childhood. Allow us to tell you a little about Sri Krishnalok Vrindavan.

Located strategically just a little before Vrindavan town, equipped with every modern facility and amenities for modern living, Sri Krishnalok is your perfect spot for a spiritual retreat, or a second home, when the call os the lord becomes irresistible.

Though material gain may be last thing on your mind, it may interest you to know that the value of your home is appreciating and is likely to rise at rates, substantially higher than metro cities.

Come, do not tarry a moment longer!