Our privacy policy explains who we are, what information we collect from you, how we use it and the security involved in making sure your personal information, remains private.

The policy may change, with changing requirements of our organization and clients. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and additional information on our range of services. By using our website, you agree to the following tenets of our policy.

Who we are

CHD Developers Limited begun as a commercial real estate developer, quickly building a reputation as a reliable and trend setting organization. Established in 1990, we soon expanded our expertise into residential, township and retail development as well. With decades of firsthand experience and a repertoire of best in industry practices, CHD Developers Limited has forged itself as a leading real estate developer in India.

How your information is collected

Your information is collected through the following ways.

  1. When you subscribe to our mailing list
  2. When you log in to comment on our blog pages
  3. When you log in to comment on our Facebook page
  4. When you follow our social media accounts
  5. When personally requested by you through the enquiry form
  6. When you decide to pick CHD Developers Limited for your real estate solution!
  7. When you enable cookie sharing with us on our website

Why is information collected?

We collect your information in a completely transparent and secure process. This is how we use the information provided to us.

  1. To send you updates and offers
  2. For market research on popular areas and other relevant analysis
  3. To better understand your requirements of us

Who we share your information with

We do not sell or share your information with third parties.

We may pass on your basic information to our affiliates depending on your personal project requirements. But we ensure that no more than the most basic of information is passed on. We disclose as little of your information as possible to give you the best possible experience.

Similarly, our mailing lists are encrypted so as to prevent spam notifications from any other party.

Your privacy rights are respected and protected with us.


Basic information cannot be protected entirely, especially when being transmitted over the internet. But deeper personal information such as account and bank details are completely encrypted and secured before being transmitted. Our services will never compromise your information.

We would like you to keep in mind that when you follow links to external third party sites, our privacy policy may not apply! Be sure to check the respective privacy policies and stay apprised of what information is being used.

Age Restrictions

We provide content that is safe to view by people of all ages. We do however advise you to get permission from your parents/guardian when sharing any personal information if you are under the age of 18.

Regular Updates

We ensure our privacy policy remains up to date and follows best practices and all regulatory restrictions. This privacy policy was most recently updated in October 2018.