From the number of voters to home buyers, millennials, also called Gen Y, are the decision makers globally. The world is changing itself to suit the millennials. From automobiles to workspaces, the world is shaping itself to suit the 24×7 lifestyle of the millennials. When the global markets are adapting themselves to the Gen Y’s lifestyle, why should the housing market be far behind?

Presenting Y Suites, a  young, youthful, vibrant and vivacious living hub with 24×7 services. A development by the famed CHD Developers, here is a community that can finally keep up with the ambitions of the Gen Y.

How is Y Suites different?

Y Suites is India’s first Smart Living Social Hub, it is a community with 1BHK serviced homes with 24×7 services and an integrated commercial and retail zone within the development. Y Suites offers furnished and smart homes with automation and eco-friendly features.
Here are some highlights of the development:
    • Smart 1 BHK homes crafted for Gen Y
    • 24×7 services for an easy lifestyle
    • 22000 sq ft of retail space making this project a Smart Social Living Hub
    • Homes located bang on Sohna Road
    • Smart apartments with ready to plug n play appliances, smart app and voice controlled intelligent home features
    • Green and Ecologically sustained design features

Live 24×7

Got a call with your client on the other side of the globe? Our 24×7 business centres make sure you have everything you need no matter what time of the day or night. Want to hit the gym at 2AM? Sure, our 24×7 gymnasium has you covered. Or indulge in a three-course meal at 4AM at our 24×7 multi-cuisine restaurant! At Y Suites, the only limitation is the number of hours in a day. 
Here are some of our 24×7 features at your disposal:
    • 24×7 Laundry Services
    • 24×7 Gymnasium and Spa
    • 24×7 Multi-cuisine Restaurant
    • 24×7 Coffee Shop
    • 24×7 Library
    • 24×7 Business Centres
    • 24×7 Florist

The Blue Book of Trust
Add to the 24×7 features, eco-friendly initiatives, furnished and unfurnished options the trust of CHD Developer, Y Suites is a truly wholesome development. CHD Developers introduces the Blue Book of Trust, a testimony to the transparency, commitment and honesty with customers. CHD Developers commit to maintaining transparency by giving the customers a Blue Book that consists of all details on legal clearances, approvals, approved plans etc, a first of its kind.

So if you are on the lookout for 1 BHK apartment in Gurgaon, don’t look any further than Y Suites. Apart from all the pros mentioned about the development, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Y Suites, the modern studio apartments in Gurgaon, is CHD Developers’ tribute to Gen Y, a generation made of movers and shakers that is inspiring and changing the world.

Explore Y Suites here : Project CHD Y-Suites