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CHD City Residential Township, Karnal
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CHD City, Karnal
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CHD City, Karnal
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Come & Experience Your Five Senses
Our uniqueness lies in our quest for perfect balancing of the senses. Our senses are physical mean by which all living things
  See               Hear               Smell               Taste               Touch
Each sense collects information about the world and detects changes within the body. The unique experience of all senses elevated beyond expectations brings you the ultimate comfort, an experience so powerful and relaxing that cannot be described in words.

Rediscover happiness and self-contentment through the following pages on the five senses and live in a world that is known or experienced by the senses - CHD CITY Karnal.

So we call this the sense-world.
A leisure paradise you can call your own

CHD CITY from CHD Developers is all about a perfect blend of all the five senses spread across nearly 200 acres in Karnal. When it comes to unwinding in style, CHD CITY offers so much to look forward to when you head back home. An International Club House, School, Hospital and CHD Mall comprising of shopping area, food courts, multiplex and a hotel.

Here, inspiration comes in from the big wide open, just outside your balcony door. Whether it is the dancing rays of the sun peeping through the clouds or the mesmerising constellations glistening in the night sky, there's always something to look up to when you're feeling on top of the world. Live your fantasy or drift away into another world only at CHD CITY Karnal.

Senses of Smell

  • When we breathe, we embrace our world.

  • We draw in various aromas into our inner self.
  • It is our opportunity to take in the world around us and allow it to fill us with its essence.
  • As we breathe, our soul absorbs the world around it through identification
  • It is the experience of spirit expressing itself in unlimited ways.

At CHD CITY Karnal nature and life live hand in hand. Freeing you of pollution and giving you a clean and healthy living environment to rejuvenate your senses.

Senses of Sight
The gift of sight enables us to take in the world through visual contact with the world around us. As we draw our environment, we become part of it and it becomes part of us. Eventually, we deepen this sense of sight creating the ability to see from within.

At this point, we are able to see through out eyes and not just with them. Here we see with the eyes of soul.

At CHD CITY Karnal, special attention has been given to the beautification of the city in terms of landscaping and environmental concerns. In simple words CHD CITY Karnal offers so much more than just the right address.

Senses of Touch
Our ability to feel the world awakens our body. Touch sends vibrations throughout our body in the form of tingling sensations. These tingling sensations are expressions of consciousness helping our body understand the direction of spirit in our lives and our place in the world. It is home of our soul yet our body cannot fully contain it alone. At the same time our body is a symbol radiating our unique expression of our soul

In CHD CITY Karnal, every bit of living will touch you,
Very Deep
Very Very Deep

Come discover this happiness of life

Senses of Hearing
Sound can have a very powerful effect on how we feel about the world. Our sense of hearing is the one sense that never sleeps. Sounds are far more than just noises. Music has extraordinary power to manipulate our emotions.


CHD CITY is for those who distinguish themselves from the masses. Independent living set in generous, magnificently landscaped environment. Free from the stress of noise, making it a peaceful and serene urban living close to the prime locations yet away from the traffic.

It's the natural choice for a more individual way of life.

Senses of Taste
Taste allows us to tangibly experience different qualities of our world. As a child, we experienced our world through the sense of taste. In a real way, our sense of taste helps us to determine if we like or do not like what is before us.. i.e, food.... experiences..... or way of life.

What you will find in CHD CITY Karnal is tastefully designed living that aren't rows and rows of clones. Living space that blend beautifully with the foliage but differ markedly among themselves. Living in CHD City you will experience Mega food courts and a world-class clubhouse to rejuvenate everyday. Way beyond your expectations yet down to earth....

No other city boasts views like these. Look out towards the CHD CITY, The Gate connects you to the best the world has to offer. Let your eyes settle a little closer and you'll enjoy the elegant serenity of the courtyards that surround the CHD CITY. No matter which direction you gaze, you'll catch your breath at the fabulous world that unfolds before you.


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